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Tree Removal can be a dangerous job and should not be tackled by an inexperienced crew. Elevation Tree & Landscape specializes in all tree removals and are experienced in all sizes of trees. Our tree experts will inspect the job site for hazards, determine how much rigging equipment will be required and if crane assistance is needed. The trees stability, age and proximity to structures and whether it's near any electrical lines are all taken into consideration when analyzing a tree removal.

We often remove trees that are too close to a structure or in an area that is difficult to reach. We discuss with all our customers about the safest method for removing a tree. Give us a call today for a free estimate and consultation! 

Trimming is a necessary step to the long-term health and look of your trees. It is also a way to prevent hazardous trees from being a risk to your property or yourself. Bring out the best in your trees and shrubs by showcasing what nature already did. The art of tree trimming is strengthened, accented, and cleared by removing what does not fit. Dead, diseased, rubbing, and duplicated limbs are eliminated, and 10% to 20% of the live crown is all we remove. Better aesthetics mean better health. Air circulation can improve problems ranging from insect colonies to fungal growth – all can be done with a proper trimming and without chemical intervention. Give us a call today for a free estimate and consultation!

We have the latest stump grinding technology, which allows us to get more of the stump out than ever before. We guarantee all of our stump grinding services and we make sure that we grind down to about 8 inches below ground level.
When your stump is ground, you can expect that there will be no masses of the stump left underground. The stump grindings, which are the wood shavings from the stump mixed with dirt, are left behind. We can clean and haul all of it away if requested by the customer. You can use these grindings as mulch around your yard. Please remove the grindings prior to replanting any plants/trees in that area. 

We also offer a wide varieties  of landscaping services. 

  • Flowerbed Cleanup

  • Weeding and Re-planting

  • Hedge & Shrub Trimming

  • Mulch Application

  • Gravel & River Rock Application

  • Land & Lot Clearing

  • Sod Installation

Just give us a call! No project is too big or small! 

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